Studia Filmoznawcze


"Studia Filmoznawcze" ("Film Studies") is an interdisciplinary scientific journal focused on film art in three aspects: historical, theoretical (philosophical, anthropological and sociological) and critical. We publish articles and reviews of well-known researchers and young critics who are interested in the film culture as widely understood as possible. Each issue has the character of a monographic volume and is reviewed by leading specialists in a given field of research. In recent years, we have published volumes about Asian cinema, melodrama, adaptation, noir cinema, and Bollywood. The interdisciplinary formula of the journal makes "Studia Filmoznawcze" ("Film Studies") a unique testimony to the development of Polish film thought in various areas of scientific reflection: film history, cultural theory and visual anthropology.



Abstracts of articles published in "Studia Filmoznawcze" can be found in the database of scientific journals Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS) and in the The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (on the basis of an appropriate agreement between WUWr and CEJSH). Thanks to the agreement of the Publisher with the MLA Directory of Periodicals, copies of the journal are also sent to the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA, ProQuest). The journal is also indexed on the Index Copernicus, as well as in the Federation of Digital Libraries and European.



ISSN: 0860-116X


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