Tajemnica człowieka i hagiograficzny portret — dwie filmowe biografie ojca Maksymiliana Kolbego

  1. Jacek Nowakowski


The mystery of human being and the hagiographic portrait — the two film biographies of father Maximilian Kolbe

The article entitled “The mystery of human being and the hagiographic portrait — two film bio-graphies of Father Maksymilian Kolbe” presents a comparative analysis of two films: Życie za życie — Maksymilian Kolbe [Life for life: Maksymilian Kolbe] by Krzysztof Zanussi and Dwie korony [The two crowns] by Michał Kondrat. Both films are discussed in the context of the notion of “a religious movie”. The former film, although made on commission, may be described in the categories of per­sonal style of an eminent filmmaker who nonetheless remains baffled when confronted with a spiritual mystery of the man proclaimed saint. The latter is characterized as a hagiographic and educational text with little artistic value.


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Studia Filmoznawcze

40, 2019

Pages from 83 to 97

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