Nie złamie trzciny nadłamanej… Nowy wymiar świętości w kinie i filmie telewizyjnym na Wyspach

  1. Adam Regiewicz


He will not break the fractioned reed … The new dimension of holiness in the cinema in the UK

The image of holiness shaped in the tradition of European culture in the last half-century has clearly changed. The place of spiritual saints was taken over by the full blooded characters, full of inner struggle, immersed in the flow of everyday life. The new saint’s image is taken over by the cinema, distrustful — just like the entire postmodern culture — towards total narratives, including religious ones. Such an image emerges from the Calvary and Broken series analysed in the article. They propose a picture of “ordinary sanctity,” which not only fits in the teaching of Pope Francis, but is a return to the evangelical image of the holy apostles: simple, passionate, ready to sacrifice their life, and weak, making mistakes, falling into crises.


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Studia Filmoznawcze

40, 2019

Pages from 135 to 153

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