Heretyk Jeroen i jego ekrany. Refleksje o pewnej wystawie multimedialnej

  1. Leszek Pułka


Heretic Jeroen and his screens

The article presents the multimedia binding of the many years’ project “Jheronimus Bosch 500”, which led — in the jubilee year — to developing the monographic exhibition of Hieronymus Bosch’s works in Hertogenbosch (2016). According to the author of the article Internet seems to be a useful “megaarchives” for works of art and for some important events organized because of them. It is useful especially for collecting and exposing film documentation of interpretation of the works, their con-servation and creating marketing strategies which make the artist a so-called glocalbrand hero. The documentation of some film events of the project in Hertogenbosch is presented on the page We can find there a collection of documents and quasi-documents, some films of didactic and persuasive cinema, but also some marketing products, of which role is to cause selling the constellation of events of the project. Avoiding the rating of the substantive value of the mentioned objects, the author of the article shows that the portals YouTube or Vimeo are sometimes the only, and sometimes not too orderly, open film archive of associating of people with art.


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Studia Filmoznawcze

40, 2019

Pages from 219 to 235

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