Kino, czyli świat. Recenzja książki "KINtop. Antologia wczesnego kina", red. Andrzej Dębski i Martin Loiperdinger, Wrocław 2016, część I, ss. 452, część II, ss. 452

  1. Leszek Pułka


Cinema or the world. Review of the book Kintop. Antologia wczesnego kina, ed. By Andrzej Dębski and Martin Loiperdinger, Wrocław 2016, Part I, 452 pp., Part II, 452 pp.

The texts included in the anthology edited by Andrzej Dębski and Martin Loiperdinger were chosen from the yearbooks of KINtop of the period 1992–2013. They show the change of the cinema paradigm and the most important tendencies of the media and cultural modernism turn. Both volumes fill the cognitive gap in the Polish film studies. They bring out the value of the Polish–German scientific cooperation of authors and they present the state of researches of the so-called early cinema. Apart from the treatises on the phenomenon of film the book consists of some articles on institutions of the early cinema, on the evolution of film forms — from short-feature movies to full-length ones, on the changes of esthetics, on the connection of picture and sound, cinema and literature and also on the glocalization of cinema. The book gives the panoramic view, which is methodologically inspiring and cognitively brilliant.


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Studia Filmoznawcze

40, 2019

Pages from 237 to 241

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