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Recenzja: Bollywood, Dil Se!

  1. Joanna Nadolna




Bollywood — the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai in India and a cultural phenomenon, has become very popular in Poland in the last few years. Urszula Woźniakowska’s book Bollywood. Pragnienie prawdy i tęsknota za mitem [Bollywood. A desire for truth and longing for myth] is the third Polish book devoted to the popular Indian film industry. The paper analyses and discusses each of the five book chapters — first three explain the historical and cultural background of Bollywood and its aesthetics, two others, written after the author’s stay and research in India and in the UK (among the Indian and Pakistani diaspora), refer to the Bollywood’s reception in these two countries.


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Studia Filmoznawcze

32, 2011

Strony od 247 do 254

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