Naga władza. Polskie kino erotyczne (schyłkowego PRL-u)

  1. Krzysztof Kornacki


The Naked Authority. Polish Erotic Cinema (of declining PRL)

The article is devoted to “Polish erotic films” which appeared in the cinemas of the People’s Republic of Poland (with the authorities consent) in the 1980s. The author shows 3 functions of eroticism in the cinema of “the decade of the martial law”: commercial (the profit was one of the cinema priorities), political (the neutralization of the citizens’ attitude by unsophisticated entertainment) and educational (an ineffectual attempt of sexual education). Erotization of the Polish cinema operated in two areas: firstly, in the saturation of the whole cinema production with daring sex scenes (the so called moments); secondly, in the series of erotic or semi-erotic films. The general feature of the first group of erotic films (mainly from 1984–1985: Widziadło, Kamienne tablice, Thais; later Łuk Erosa) was a search for an artistic alibi, for a pretext to present sex on the screen. Firstly, this carefulness was revealed in placing eroticism in other genres (horror film, political drama, costume drama etc.) and secondly, in reaching for classical literature (Irzykowski, France, Kaden-Bandrowski, Żukrowski). The second group of erotic films comprises comedies (Seksmisja, Och, Karol, Co lubią tygrysy?, Sztuka kochania, Porno). They presented the country after a sexual revolution (actually non existing if one considers the level of sexual culture of Poles in the 1980s), in which the director’s attitude to sex is non-prudish and very modern; that is also the country of aggressive matriarchy and women emancipation (Seksmisja, Och, Karol, Sztuka kochania). That decade finished with the most daring film Porno by Marek Koterski, the mirror of awkward sex alla Polacca – vulgar, yet with pretence of romantic feelings.

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Studia Filmoznawcze

29, 2008

Pages from 195 to 224

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