Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

Dzieci Festiwalu Filmowego we Fryburgu 2011

  1. Marek Lis



The program of the Fribourg International Film Festival (Switzerland) is not specifically dedicated to children: nevertheless, in March 2011 this particular audience has found its place during the morningscreenings in the cinemas (53 shows for 9 thousand pupils: this fact reveals an educative sensibility of the Festival) and diverse situations of childhood have become subject of most films chosen for the international competition. The Chinese movie Aftershock is a dramatic story of two children, separated by an earthquake; Bi, dung so shows the loneliness of a child in a Vietnamese family where relations weaken; dramatic reminiscences of his childhood mark Morteza in Iranian La maison sous l’eau. A vision of the world of children’s plays and plans devastated by guerrilla war terrifies in Colombian Los colores de la montaña; cruelty of adolescents is one of the themes of the South Korean Poetry. Few of the films have presented a less somber vision: Palestinian documentary Fix Me, Iranian comedy Please Don’t Disturb and a parody Miss Tacuarembó. Despite different cultural contexts, the moviemakers
reveal a responsible empathy toward children.

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Studia Filmoznawcze

33, 2012

Strony od 163 do 170

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